Jane climbing Tullymet 3 v diffYou found me?  Brilliant!

A very warm welcome to  Humans Resourced, a training and coaching business with the spirit of adventure, challenge and growth at its heart.

When I’m not out adventuring (you might like to check out my 365 Days Of Adventure project here and read about some of my traditional adventuring here ) , I’m busy with the adventure of running my coaching and training business.

My career in the field of people development spans more than 25 years. I ran my very first personal development workshop in 1986, became a qualified school teacher in 1995, went on my first coach-training programme in 1997, and gained a considerable amount of experience in the field of coaching, development and training in a range of corporate roles (including setting up an in-house coach training academy).

I became a mother in 2000, but continued to add to my coaching toolkit (supplementing traditional coaching tools with approaches from the world of NLP, hypnosis, MBTI, sport, weight loss, and health and fitness). In 2001, I set up a health and fitness coaching business which worked well with motherhood and part-time corporate work. In 2005, I returned full-time to my original coaching, development and training roots when I set up Humans Resourced (specialising in 1-1 coaching, NLP training, hypnosis training, storytelling training and weight loss).

Whilst I’ve got a significant amount of experience and expertise, I’m still passionately committed to my own development. I know that when I’m growing and learning new things, I’m not only enjoying myself outrageously but I’m also adding to the “pot” as I go. And I pull on that pot of knowledge and experience in everything I do.

One thing I can guarantee if we work together is this : I’ll show up in full. You’ll get  everything I’ve got. I’ll look like I’m enjoying myself far too much to get paid (and I’d put money on you and your business getting a huge amount out of the experience too).

cropped-humans_resourced_logo1.gifWhether you, or your business, is  looking for the accelerated development that personal coaching offers or the rich, shared experience of a group learning environment, I’d be thrilled to help.

From training needs analysis to programme development, from delivery to post-programme evaluation, from personal coaching to developing coaching capacity in your business, from group facilitation to coaching supervision for your in-house coaches  : count me in.

Oh and if you’re wondering whether I’m qualified to look after the needs of you, or your business, in this way, I’ve included some of the relevant stuff below . Just drop me an email if you’d like a copy of my full professional bio and I’d be happy to send it to you.

In the meantime, I am just going outside and I may be some time 🙂

Jane Talbot

slackliningThe Smarts
Many people find it reassuring to know that I really know my stuff. Here’s some of the stuff  :

BA Double Hons (Modern Languages) – University of Manchester; Post-Graduate Certificate in Education – University of Warwick; Diploma Engineering Business Management – University of Warwick; certified MBTI practitioner (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) – OPP; certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Overdurf and Silverthorn USA), certified Trainer of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (Overdurf and Silverthorn USA), certified NLP Master Practitioner; certified Master Hypnotherapist; certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist; certified Trainer of Hypnosis (Overdurf and Silverthorn USA) and certified Humanistic NLP Coach.

I also hold a range of health and fitness qualifications : Nutrition and Weight Management (YMCA), Aerobic Dance Instructor (YMCA), Gym Instructor (YMCA), Power Chi-Yoga Instructor (Level 2 : Fox Fitness), JogScotland Jog Leader (Scottish Athletics); Level 2 (core) athletics coach (Sport Scotland).

All my NLP and hypnosis certification programmes carry the relevant seals of approval : ABNLP (American Board of NLP)  , ABH (American Board of Hypnosis), INHNLP (International Network of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology) and IACTM (International Association of Coaches, Trainers and Mentors).