NLP Master Practitioner Programme

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The Humans Resourced Training Philosophy
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certification programmes delivered by Humans Resourced adhere to a rigorous set of  standards which are supported by 3 key  pillars :

1.   A genuine interest in people and their development.
2.   A passion for inspiring learning, adventure, challenge and growth.
3.   A desire to make an ethical and positive contribution to the world.

ABNLP logoNLP Master Practitioner Programme ~ Humans Resourced NLP Master Practitioner training is delivered in a range of formats :
1. 12-day intensive format or
2. 2 x 6-day modular format or
3. 3 x 4-day modular format.

The training is fully compliant with the certification requirements of both the ABNLP and INHNLP (delegate certificates bear both seals of approval). The NLP Master Practitioner programme comprises approximately 35 hours of home-study.

Core Syllabus
The curriculum exceeds the requirements of the ABNLP at Master Practitioner level. The language work is beyond Master Practitioner level.

1. Advanced Language Patterns (including Sleight of Mouth ~ SOM)

2. Working With Values ~ understanding the nature of motivation ; understanding how we may be successful in one life context but not another; elicitation – naturalistic and formal, determining underlying internal representations, restoring clean internal representations; creating optimal conditions for success in any life context.

3. Temporal shifting techniques ~ time-line work : resolving issues from the past which may be affecting the present ; creating a compelling future.

4. Meta Programmes ~ working with unconscious filters).

5. Presentation Skills ~ the 4-Mat system, performance anchoring and Satir categories.

6. Modelling ~ decoding and encoding the physiological, emotional and psychological structure of success.

7. Advanced Patterns (eg. allergy relief, compulsion blow-out).

8. Prime Concerns ~ how to detect, and work with,  needs which may be driving behaviour in an unresourceful way.

9 . Breakthrough Sessions ~ how to run an advanced coaching intervention. 

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