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As part of my 365 Days Of Adventure project, I made a 9-episode LIVE television series earlier in 2014. I’ve posted all 9 episodes here for you to watch : I hope you’ll enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed making them.

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Brilliant Friends TV


From Wednesday 16th April – Friday 25th April 2014, I tried my hand at making a TV series as part of my 365 Days Of Adventure project. To make this adventure possible, my friends agreed to help me out by letting me interview them. As someone who has worked in the field of personal development for a very long time, I know that we often seek inspiration, information and advice from so-called gurus (many of whom we have never met and with whom we have no personal connection). I’m beginning to realise that there is a rich source of advice and inspiration much closer to home : my circle of friends! Over the course of 9 short programmes (each show will last 30-60 minutes), I introduce you to my friends. They’re a diverse, talented and inspiring bunch, and I learedn new things about them just by interviewing them in this way. Even setting up the interviews brought new life and depth to my connection with each one of them. I hope you enjoy the sharing of friendship, information, inspiration and advice (and I wonder if it may even encourage you to acknowledge , and celebrate, the significance of your own friendships 🙂 ).

“Jane’s Brilliant Friends” Series ~ A Daily Dose Of Inspiration, Information And Advice!

FlemmingEpisode 1 : How To Find Your Purpose In Life ~ Wednesday 16th April at 2pm. In this programme, I’ll be chatting to Flemming Funch, a Dane who lives in France with a passion for West Coast Swing (it’s a type of dance). Whenever I think of Flemming, the words “Deep Thought” spring to mind ! Flemming is a philosopher, coach and futurist who has a passion for helping people to connect with their life purpose. In this programme, Flemming will share some top tips for finding our life purpose.

You can watch the playback of this episode here  ~

leslieEpisode 2 : A Shaman’s Journey ~ Thursday 17th April at 2pm. In this programme, I’ll be talking to Leslie Marsh , shamanic practitioner , healer and storyteller. Leslie, based in Scotland, will be explaining to us what shamanism is and giving us an insight into how shamanic practices can facilitate healing and personal growth. As a former veterinary nurse and zoo-keeper (I told you I had some fascinating friends, didn’t I?), Leslie has a special connection with animals. In this show, I’m going to be asking Leslie to advise us how to connect at a deeper level with our own pets.

You can watch the playback of this episode here ~

oonaEpisode 3 : Fanning The Flames ~ Friday 18th April at 10.30am. Today I’m talking to Oona McFarlane , fire-walk instructor, reiki master teacher,  healer and coach. I’ve done several (brilliant) fire-walks with Oona (which also involved using my neck to break an arrow) and I think I know her fairly well (having sat next to her in just my pants in a sweat lodge one snowy December in the grounds of her holistic centre in Scotland). In this programme, Oona will talk about her fascination for, and her relationship with, fire. If she had to update her Facebook relationship with fire , it would read “it’s complicated” :). During our chat, Oona will explain what happens at a fire-walk event and how the fire-walk metaphor can support life transitions and personal transformation.

You can watch the playback of this episode here ~


Episode 4 : How To Read The Label On A Bottle Of Bordeaux Wine ~ Monday 21st April at 10.30 am. My friend David Orchard is an expert on wine and on doing business in China. He lives in France, owns 2 dogs, several cats ,has video-blogged for 30 consecutive days whilst  immersed up to his waist in very cold water (in January) and he can dance. In today’s episode, David will be teaching us how to read the label on a bottle of  Bordeaux wine. To add to the fun, you might want to get yourself a bottle for the show, so that you can “read along” with us!

You can watch the playback of this episode here ~

caraEpisode 5 : The Essential Guide To Channelling ~ Tuesday 22nd April at 10.30 am. My playful and talented friend Cara Wilde is the guest on today’s show. Cara is an empath, channel and trained energy therapist based in Cornwall  (England) who  is passionate about living authentically. She believes that each person’s uniqueness is a beautiful and important aspect of divine intelligence. It may make you smile to know that Cara’s top superpower is the ability to cartwheel 🙂 In this programme, Cara will explain what channelling is and its value. She’ll give us an insight into what it’s like to  receive a reading along with an insight into what it’s like when people channel for themselves (and have the experience of receiving unconditional love). 

You can watch the playback here ~

steffEpisode 6 : All About The Eurovision Song Contest ~ Tuesday 22nd April at 8pm. Today’s guest is my friend Stephanie Johnson : art therapist, teacher, runner, inspiring mother to 2 boys, Wonder Woman fan (she’s actually got the boots. In fact,she’s got the whole outfit) and out-and-out raving fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. What Steff doesn’t know about Eurovision is just not worth knowing. In this programme, Steff will be talking about her fascination with the event and giving her opinion about what makes for a good Eurovision entry. Along with top tips for who to put our money on this year, Scotland-based Steff will teach us how to organise the perfect Eurovision party.

You can watch the playback here  ~

tiffEpisode 7 : From Pursuit To Presence ~ Friday 2nd May 10.30am. Today’s guest is my friend Tiffany Kay : author, transformational coach, pub quiz champion extraordinaire and liver of the “Good Life” (she grows her own vegetables and keeps chickens in her garden in the NW of England). In this programme, Tiff will be talking about her soon-to-be-published book  “From Pursuit to Presence” . Her book’s key message  is that most of us are living under a misguided cloud of unworthiness that dominates much of our thinking and behaviour outside of our conscious awareness. That’s what causes us to pursue life : our pursuit is an attempt to close the illusionary gap. Tiffany suggests that when we reconnect to the inherent worth we were born with, all the struggle and suffering disappears. We can let life come to us; a life which is joyful and contented. If you’d welcome some top tips for becoming more present to your own true nature and more present to life, you’ll love this show!

You can watch this episode live here ~

jevonEpisode 8 : How To Overcome Stress And Burnout ~ Thursday 24th April 11 am. Today’s guest is Jevon Dangeli , NLP and hypnosis trainer, stress and burnout expert, coach and father. Jevon and I met in Pennsylvania while we were training as trainers of hypnosis. Jevon ran daily Qi Gong sessions to help us all relax and rejuvenate and it looks like his passion for helping people to rejuvenate has stayed with him. During the show, Jevon will be explaining causes and definitions of stress and burnout as well as offering some top tips to promote recovery and rejuvenation. You might be interested in taking Jevon’s Burnout Self-Test before the programme 🙂 . Jevon splits his time between South Africa, Germany and Mallorca.

You can watch this episode live here ~

kateEpisode 9 : Your Essential Guide To Effortless Success ~ Friday 25th April 1.30pm In this final programme we get to meet the gorgeous Kate Trafford : speaker, coach, author and general beacon of love, hope and authenticity. Kate’s top superhero skill is the ability to evaluate the menu of an Indian restaurant in seconds (she always makes an excellent recommendation!). Kate shines her light in the NW of England (and beyond) and is in the process of writing her first book “Cruise Control For Life”. In today’s show, Kate will be sharing with us some top tips for taking the struggle out of life and for allowing  joy and meaning back in.

You can the playback here ~

Pilot Show Thursday 3rd April at 2.45pm.

lesliePilot Show : A Journey Beyond And Through Cancer~  This edition is a warm-up for the series of interviews which started on the 16th April. On this call, I welcome my friend Leslie Marsh who will share her inspiring story about her journey with, and beyond, cancer. She talks about how she pulled on her extensive knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy and shamanic practices to support her journey towards health. (This is a complete adventure for me and for Leslie!)