Ericksonian Hypnosis Training

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The Humans Resourced Training Philosophy

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis certification programmes delivered by Humans Resourced adhere to a rigorous set of standards which are supported by 3 key  pillars :

1.   A genuine interest in people and their development.
2.   A passion for inspiring learning, adventure, challenge and growth.
3.   A desire to make an ethical and positive contribution to the world.

ABH logoEricksonian Hypnosis Training ~ This 7-day programme is for practising therapists and coaches who are interested in new ways of leveraging change in a gentle, elegant and respectful way. Offering the possibility of certification at both  hypnotherapist and master hypnotherapist levels, this programme will appeal to those who are ready to get up-close-and personal with their own unconscious mind.

Milton H. Erickson’s unique style and unconventional approaches will be fully explored in this course to give you  the tools, techniques and skills required to become a certified hypnotherapist. Undertaking training in the field of hypnosis offers the additional benefit of helping  practitioners to integrate their understanding, and application, of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

This programme is fully compliant with the certification requirements of the American Board of Hypnosis. The training is also accredited by the IACTM. Certificates will bear both ABH and IACTM seals.

Core Syllabus

The definition of trance and its applications.

The structure of  hypnotic interventions.

Inductions ~ revivification, pacing current experience, conscious-unconscious dissociation and arm catalepsy.

Elicitation and utilisation of hypnotic phenomena : catalepsy, analgesia, anesthaesia, amnesia, dissociation and deep trance identification.

How  to develop your own style on the basis of Erickson’s protocols.

The structure and delivery of a full hypnotic interview.

Formulation and delivery of post-hypnotic suggestions.

Formulation and application of major reframes

Use of  NLP techniques  inside trance.

Auto-hypnotic approaches.

Formulation and application of amnesia patterns

Comprehensive hypnotic protocol for healing (full unconscious interview)

Pain control

Methods for deepening trance

Unconscious integration and clearing techniques.

Metaphorical interventions.

Entry Requirements ~ Applicants to this programme should hold NLP Practitioner status, NLP Master Practitioner status or have completed at least 130 hours of recognised hypnosis training.

Certification Upgrades ~ If you already hold NLP Master Practitioner status, you will be awarded Master Hypnotherapist status upon successful completion of this programme. If you go on to complete NLP Master Practitioner training after completing your hypnosis training, you may request an upgrade of your hypnotherapy certification to Master Hypnotherapist status.

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