venus_1What’s On in 2017?
For those of you who’ve been on any of my courses in recent years, or followed my adventure blog, you’ll know that my 365 Days of Adventure project (2014) has yielded huge gifts, including my first book ‘The Faerie Thorn & Other Stories’. My adventure project reminded me how to follow my instincts, and, for this reason, I’ve decided to devote more of my time to creativity (which is where life is really at for me) in 2016/2017.

Of course, I’ll still be running my usual NLP and hypnosis courses (yes – I am more of a fan than ever!) but I’ll be running some new creativity-focused courses too. You’ll find full details of any programmes to do with creativity over on my author website here.

All courses will still run under the Humans Resourced banner, it’s just that it’s easier to group the programmes to do with creativity in one place!

All training programmes for 2016 are now complete. The full programme calendar for 2017 will be available shortly, but some programmes are already scheduled:

NORTHERN IRELAND, TBC 2017 ~ Ericksonian Hypnosis 7 days (4+3), 10am – 6pm : 20-23 January and 24-26 February 2017. Venue: Square Box Training Consultancy, Antrim. ABH-approved. IACTM-accredited. Only 10 places available. From £895. Book now!

NORTHERN IRELAND TBC March 2017 ~ Telling Stories For A Change, 3 days. Venue TBC. From £295.16 places available.

NORTHERN IRELAND, TBC 2017 ~ NLP Practitioner Programme For Creatives, 2 x 4 days (plus home study), venue TBC. ABNLP-approved. IACTM-accredited. From £995

NORTHERN IRELAND, TBC 2017 ~ NLP Master Practitioner Programme