Adventure 181 ~ Learn How To Communicate With My Dog [1]

SparxIt’s the end of another full month of adventuring and so today’s blog post is overflowing with adventure news!

Today I start a whole new series of adventures involving  learning to communicate with my Jack Russell Terrier, Sparky. I’m going to follow an animal communication course created by Asia Voight.

You’ll also find an Adventure Summary for June as well as a Guest Adventurer video!




Learning  How To Communicate With My Dog

June’s Adventure Summary

June’s Guest Adventurer ~ Cara Wilde This month’s guest entry is fabulous! Cara decides to give a bunch of flowers to a complete stranger and this is what happens (the insights are incredible!) ~

I am just going outside and may be some time.


Adventure 112 ~ Jane’s Brilliant Friends [Episodes 5 & 6]

Today heralded a double dose of TV adventuring for me! You might be able to sense from today’s shows that I’m becoming a lot more relaxed and a lot more present to the conversation. I’ve really enjoyed the playful connection with my 2 guests today – it felt like we we were really sharing an adventure.

This morning I chatted with my  talented friend Cara Wilde . Cara is an empath, channel and trained energy therapist who  is passionate about living authentically. In this programme, Cara  invites us into the world of channelling. It was lovely for our two different world views to find a point of connection.

This evening I interviewed the fabulous Stephanie Johnson. Steff is a HUGE fan of the Eurovision contest. In this programme, Steff talks about her fascination for the event and gives her opinion about what makes for a good Eurovision entry. If you catch the Eurovision bug as a result of Steff’s enthusiasm, you can get into the contest groove here and here 🙂 .

To find out about other programmes in this series (and to watch the show live), just pop over to Jane Talbot TV.

I am just going outside and may be some time.