Adventures 329 – 334 ~ Retreating To Write

Well, hmmmm. My writing retreat has not been as easy or as smooth as I’d hoped – but I have started (or should I say, I have now found the right place to start – after several thousand words!)

I’ve edited my daily video blog from the last 5 days into one short film. I’ll let the film show you the ups and downs of my retreat (including a visit to the A&E department of my local hospital). I apologise for the quality of part of the film which I had to record on Google Hangouts : it didn’t work that well!

Whilst I am returning to my writing bunker tomorrow, I’m also starting a new 25-day series of adventures. The Big Renga project launches tomorrow, so I’ll be back to my daily adventure-reporting habit 🙂 .

I am just going outside and may be some time.