Adventure 316 ~ Daily Sketching Practice [Day 6]

sketching diary Day 6Today I sketched the tree seeds I planted back in October. I’m not sure what called me to sketch them, but I listened to the call and sketched them anyway.

As I was sketching, I got to thinking about all the metaphorical seeds I’ve planted over the the last 316 days. Some have already grown and blossomed, some I’m not expecting to blossom for some time ,and others may not blossom at all. That’s just the nature of planting seeds!

When I returned to my computer to upload the image of the sketch, I opened my emails only to be completely surprised and delighted to have received a letter from a publisher who is interested in my children’s story, The Faerie Thorn.

So that seed is beginning to grow! The publisher has requested the remainder of the manuscript and we’ll see what happens next 🙂 . I’ll keep you posted.

I am just going outside and may be some time.


Adventure 312 ~ Daily Sketching Practice [Day 2]

sketching diary Jane TalbotToday I took my sketch book with me to the forest. I noticed what caused a “Look at that!” response in me as I walked my dog along the forest trails. At the end of my walk I sat down and sketched, placing in the foreground that which had drawn my attention :

1. The yellow-gold larch
2. The dark green ferns.
3. The other-worldly, emptying beech branches with their multi-coloured leaves and their mesmerising way of creating a kind of invitational depth (as you might be able to tell, it’s the beech branches that captivated me the most!)

Autumn yellow larch

November fernAutumn beechEverything else, I put into the background : a bokeh-blur of autumnal tartan.

As I sketched I noticed how relaxed, calm and open my environment was making me feel.

I am just going outside and may be some time.