Adventure 165 ~ Publish The Lyrics Of My Own Song

sleepIt’s Day 6 of my song-writing adventure and today I’ve written the lyrics for the final verse and published the lyrics in full here. It was only when I’d written the very last line did I realise what the song is really about!

It turns out I have written a song that works on two levels : it’s both a lullaby and a ‘goodbye’, it’s both an invitation to sleep and an invitation to the ‘final long sleep’. I’ve put the lyrics to the final verse below today’s video for you to read 🙂 .


Verse 3 

Close your eyes, it’s late,

I’ll be waiting at the gate

Where the coracle willows are grown.


By the crimson lake

Where the water skippers skate,

Where the seeds of sweet sleep are sown.


I’ll meet you there

With my hands in the air,

A dance in my heart

And my soul without care!


Where the fireflies burn bright,

Where souls sink soft into the night,

Meet me there and I’ll row you safe home.

[Jane Talbot © 2014]


I am just going outside and may be some time 🙂 .