Adventure 282 ~ Devise A Pre-Programme Questionnaire For My “17 Syllables” Test Group

Seventeen SyllablesFor today’s adventure, I’m nudging my haiku book project a little further towards completion. The brilliant news is that, in addition to my peer reviewers, I now have 4 people who have volunteered to try out  the processes I describe in the book, Seventeen Syllables : Cultivating Presence Through Poetry (that’s the current working title).

Not only will these 4 people be able to give me feedback about the book and the processes, but I’ll also be able to measure the impact of working through the processes by taking a “before and after” measure. And that’s what today’s adventure has been all about : devising a questionnaire that will give me useful information about their motivations for joining the programme, that will give me clarity regarding their expectations about the programme, and that will let me know their starting point.

This feels very exciting. I know that the process had a profound, and positive, impact on me. Doing this upfront research with people who are genuinely attracted to the idea has the potential not only to provide me with a useful evidence base (and an important understanding of the range of impacts that might be experienced) but also with information that will help me to market my book in the right way.

In short, I’m setting about learning about my potential readership and how to communicate with them!

I am just going outside and may be some time.