Adventure 20 ~ How To Snudge

If you’ve been following my adventures, you are probably aware of my outstanding talent for fudgeling. Keen to develop this skill to the level of mastery, today’s adventure gives me the opportunity to learn the vital art of snudging.

Watch me resurrect this 18th century word in style 🙂

I am just going outside and may be some time.



Adventure 9 ~ How To Fudgel

For Christmas I received a fabulous gift : The Horologicon by Mark Forsyth. The Horologicon is a quirky, entertaining and witty book about extraordinary, obscure and obsolete words.

I’m using the book as a basis for today’s adventure (and there is plenty of scope for future adventures too!). Today I am going to resurrect “fudgel”, an eighteenth century word which deserves a twenty-first century revival.

By the way, if you haven’t learned to fudgel yet, you really ought to. In today’s video, I show you how it’s done. It turns out that I’ve got quite a talent for it.

I’m just going outside and may be some time 🙂