1 Adventure Down ~ 364 To Go!

Don’t you think that there is something about this  time of year that encourages us to turn inward? It’s almost like the dark Winter nights have their own voices : whispering at us incessantly , urging us to remember something really important , trying to awaken us from our life-drowsiness.

It turns out that sooner or later you really do have to stop and pay attention. As December 2013 marched on, the whispers became louder and eventually I decided to take a look at what was calling me.

I got to thinking about the kind of life I am living now and the kind of life I want to live.  I got to remembering all the really adventurous things I used to do – and how alive adventuring made me feel.  I got to realising that for the past 2 years, I’ve let adventure fall by the wayside.

So this is me standing up and answering the call to adventure. Today I’m declaring 2014 to be my year of adventure, the year I’m going to reconnect with the spirit of adventure , the year that I create the opportunity for adventure wherever I am. I’m going to adventure every single day for 365 days.

And here’s me on my first adventure today,  starting off at basecamp :

And reaching the summit :

So there you go, I’m the first person in the world to achieve this mighty feat. How cool is that? 😛

I am just going outside and may be some time,

JT 🙂

8 thoughts on “1 Adventure Down ~ 364 To Go!

  1. Oh jane, that is simple and brilliant! And a tad comedic … Esp the last bit that you didn’t see coming. Will look forward to future adventures, x

  2. Way to go Jane! You have the spunky attitude that keeps life exciting. I absolutely love your two video clips, which kept a peaceful smile on my face the entire time. The world needs to know about your extraordinary ideologies!

  3. You go Jane! What an attitude, and like Trike Hobo, I found a wonderful, peaceful, smile on my face, interspersed with laughter, as I watched. Please be careful of those sign posts. They’ll jump out at every given opportunity. You’re a great inspiration. Looking forward to following your adventures! Thanks for starting my day on such a great, positive, note!

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