Adventure 21 ~ Eminem Versus My Tax Return

If you were a spy and needed to get state secrets out of me, all you’d have to do is threaten me with my tax return and I’d talk. Anything but my tax return!

In the UK, the deadline for submitting our tax returns to the HMRC (IRS) is fast approaching. It’s not  something that I ever look forward to but it is something that just has to be done. Today I was “knuckling down to it” when the ridiculous thought occurred to me : “you might be able to have fun doing your tax return!” An adventure had announced itself from the piles of invoices and mileage records – and I was up for the challenge 🙂 .

Please enjoy my tax return rap! I don’t think I’ll attract a record deal but do feel free to nominate me for an Ivor Novello award (I think the lyrics are rather powerful 😛 ). The experience brought me genuine joy : an hour after making my video, I am still glowing inside. I am still giggling too.

I am just going outside and may be some time.