Adventure 25 ~ Speaking The Local Dialect

I’ve been living in Northern Ireland for 2 and a half years now and I’ve learned a whole new language in that time! For today’s adventure I’m going to see if I can speak for a minute using words from the local dialect 🙂 .

The language in the area in which I live is heavily influenced by Ulster Scots and many of the words you’ll hear me speaking find their roots in the Scots language. There are also words which find their roots in the Irish language.

I’ve put a translation key below the video (and you can follow the link here for more etymological details. Just scroll down for a table of words and their roots 🙂  )

Bake ~ mouth / Boke ~ vomit /

Clarried ~ mucky / Cowp ~ tip / Culchie ~ farmer

Footer ~ mess about ; waste time

Gutties ~ training shoes

Hoak ~ search for

Hot press ~ airing cupboard

Prooties ~ potatoes

Scunnered ~ hacked off; annoyed / Sheugh ~ ditch / Stoor ~ dust

Tare ~ loads of / Throughother ~ a mess ; messy

Weechel ~child / What about ye? ~ How are you?/ Wheen ~ several; a few

Yous ~ you (plural)

I am just going outside and may be some time.