Adventure 113 ~ Quantum Jumping

Today an unexpected opportunity for adventure presented itself 🙂 . I was supposed to be interviewing my brilliant friend Tiffany Kay about her new book but she got poorly. I sat down and decided to listen for a call to adventure (I haven’t tried this before!) and sure enough some words came straight to mind :  “quantum jumping“.

I’ve only recently heard about this personal development technique. It sounds a bit mind-boggling at first when Burt Goldman (the developer of this process) talks about visiting your own doppelgänger in a parallel universe but I found the idea enticing. I would have the opportunity to visit another version of me, in another universe ~ a version of me who had already succeeded at something I’d like to be successful at in my own universe!

Whether you believe in the theories of multiverse or whether you simply trust the imaginative and wise capability of your own unconscious mind (and see Burt’s invitation as a metaphorical process), I would recommend giving quantum jumping a go.

You can find out how I got on with the process in today’s video ~

I am just going outside and may be some time.