Adventure 117 ~ Write A Romantic Novel [Day 1]

Cherry Tree 1Today’s the day I start my romantic fiction adventure 🙂 . This first day has been all about getting my actors and theatre organised : I’ve even come up with a title!

I am noticing some interesting changes in me already. The most noticeable of those changes has been a desire to draw as part of the writing process. At this point it is important that you know that I was told by my art teacher at school that I had no talent for art at all. I never draw, paint or sketch. It just hasn’t been my thing. I believed the teacher.

Yesterday, I had the urge to buy myself some coloured pens and pencils when I bought my notebook. I respected the impulse and bought them. This morning as I “summoned” my characters to the theatre, I began to draw. It felt like the drawing was all to do with me “seeing” the story more clearly. The act of drawing felt like a bridge between my world and the world of this emerging story.

Here are my reflections about my first day as an author 🙂 ~

I am just going outside and may be some time.