Adventure 124 ~ Visit The Dark Hedges

O Pic (2)For today’s adventure, I am visiting a local area of interest for the very first time : the Dark Hedges.  The weather wasn’t ideal for filming and my video camera couldn’t really pick up the eerie beauty and unusual atmosphere.

I did manage to take some pictures though and , whilst I was taking them, I realised how much I have slowed down over the last 4 months of adventuring. There is something very slow and present about the writing I am doing at the moment ; there is something very slow and present about taking photographs. I seem to be noticing much more … about much more 🙂 .

I have posted some of my photographs, which I took with my phone, below the video. (I am really enjoying “playing” with Instagram at the moment too!) The main image was taken by my son : he’s a keen photographer.






I  am just going outside and may be some time.