Adventure 202 ~ Go Looking For A New Story

As I took an editing break over the weekend, I’ve spent most of today catching up. I’ve been transferring the editorial notes from my paper manuscript to the soft-copy of  The Faerie Thorn on my computer and wrangling with the finer points of English grammar.

My head got so jammed with grammar puzzles that I had to venture into the “teenager’s lair” to find a book to help me! “Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar” is aimed at 14-16 year-olds and perfect for the word-addled head of a fantasy writer 😛 . You can find the book  here.

Five hours of editing left me hungry for fresh fodder and so for today’s adventure, I answered the call of a local out-of-the-way place in the hope of finding inspiration for my next story.

Here’s how I got on (oh and I hope you enjoy the safari feel of this short film – it was quite a challenging off-road trip!)

I am just going outside and may be some time.