Adventure 258 ~ Create A Facebook Advert

ribbon canva 2Today’s adventure was tough. Very tough. So tough, that I’m going to need a long lie down right after I’ve published this blog post.

I’ve never created a Facebook advert before. Once, I really pushed the boat out and “boosted” a post  (with little effect, might I add), but the territory of the Facebook advert with its snazzy new “Call-To-Action” buttons looked way out of my technological league.

Thing is, I’ve got an adventure coming up which would benefit from a little promotion : a storytelling webinar on the 25th September. So, I figured that it might be time to actually face my Facebook advert demons head-on!

My image-creation adventure helped me create an image for my advert. And then I clicked the link on Facebook entitled “Create Advert”. All good up to this point. But then it all seemed a little overwhelming ~ so many different types of advert to choose from!

I did manage to work out which would be best for my event, and I did muddle my way through. And, yes, I’ve created my very first Facebook advert (which is also my very first “dark post” ~ one that doesn’t appear on my page, just in the news feed), but it really isn’t what I’d hoped for.

Creating adverts in this way severely limits the amount of text you can use in the advert, and yet I’ve seen other adverts with comprehensive text accompanying the link. That’s what I was hoping for, but my muddling didn’t seem to arrive at that end-point.

On the upside, after I’d set my advert up, I did some more Googling and eventually found an article that explained why I hadn’t managed to create the advert I had hoped to – and it showed how to create an advert with unlimited text (you have to use Facebook’s Power Editor). On the downside, now I’ve created my advert, there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop it!

As with all my adventures, I’ve learned something. Today I faced another technological demon, and the next time I create an advert, that demon will be my ally. I’m not even trembling at the thought of “Power Editor”…. how cool is that?!

I am just going outside and may be some time.