Adventure 279 ~ Reach Out For Book Review Help

haiku book invitationIf you’ve been following my adventures, you’ll probably know that I’m getting ready to embark on a self-publishing adventure. My haiku poetry collection is nearly complete, and I’m just about to pull the whole project together to make it ready for publishing.

It’s more than just a poetry collection. The book is also a process of personal discovery and personal development. It’s geared towards helping the reader reap the rewards of the haiku-writing process for themselves.

Through my haiku adventures I’ve become more present to the outside world (particularly to nature) and more present to myself (and my own nature). I have felt the world slow down, I have felt more alive. I have gained a clarity about what life really means to me by engaging with the world through the haiku form.  I am more productive. I am less hassled. I feel more creative : I’m generating new solutions to old problems. Problems seem smaller. I have a different perspective. I am remembering who I really am. I am remembering my place in the world.

I’ve put the month of October to one side so that I can spend the time putting the finishing touches to my book . As my book moves towards completion, it will be peer-reviewed by people from the mindfulness community, by people from the therapeutic/coaching community, by other writers and poets, and by people with a strong connection to nature (who work with nature to facilitate healing).

And this is where you come in! (Yes, you 🙂 ). For today’s adventure, I’m reaching out to you. I’m looking for 2 people to read my book and to work through the processes I have included in my book. You’ll get to learn about the structure and purpose of haiku poems; you’ll get to learn how to connect with the world around you (and with yourself); you’ll get to learn how to explore the essences of the natural world (and the essence of you); you’ll get to learn how to develop exquisite levels of presence; you’ll get to write poetry; and you’ll get to reflect on your experiences.

If you’re feeling a little disconnected from the world and yourself right now, this opportunity could be for you! If you’re feeling a little burned out and world-weary, this could be for you! If you’ve forgotten the beauty of the everyday, this could be for you! If you’re stuck in the past or you’re busy worrying about the future, this could be for you! Oh – and if you’ve always wanted to write poetry (but you didn’t think you could), this is definitely for you!

If you’re interested in trying my process out (and reading my book), please contact me by email in the first instance and we’ll take it from there. It’s completely FREE – all I ask is that you give me your honest feedback 🙂 .

I am just going outside and may be some time.