Adventure 308 ~ Write A Cleave Poem

cleave poem by Jane TalbotFor today’s adventure, I decided to try out a new form of poetry. I Googled “experimental poetry” and found several references to the term “cleave poetry”.

A cleave poem is 3 poems in one – and I’ve tried my hand at writing one today. The way to read the poem is :

1. Read the poem on the left (in black) first. Let it sink in.
2. Read the poem on the right (in purple) second. Let it sink in.
3. Read the two poems together, from left to right. Let it sink in.

It was fun to write – and quite challenging too. I think it would be a very therapeutic process for someone experiencing an inner conflict! It was really helpful to fully associate myself with both sides of “the story” before writing and not really think of the third poem. The third poem emerged quite naturally! (It’s the third poem that elicits the biggest emotional response in me. I’m going to stop and think about that for a while. I’m going to stop and sit in that poem for a while.)

I am just going outside and may be some time.