Adventure 310 ~ Learn How To Introduce Myself In Hindi

Today is another squeeze-one-in day. I’m busy with work all day and running a webinar tonight. You might be saying to yourself “Well, take a break then. Have a day off from your adventures.” But it doesn’t work like that for me.

Even when my day is so full that I can hardly breath, it’s the adventure that gives me the gulp of air I need. Even when I don’t feel like doing an adventure (and there have been a few days like that over the past year, the kind of days where life has been a little tougher than I’d expected), I still do it. You know why? It’s because I’ve learned that I feel more alive, more present, more resourceful and more grounded as a result of leaping into an adventure – even if the adventure is only for a couple of minutes.

So for today’s adventure, I catching my breath in a Hindi language-learning adventure. On today’s video, you can hear me say “Hello! My name’s Jane. Pleased to meet you.”

I am just going outside and may be some time.