Adventure 318 ~ Explore An Alien World

alienFor today’s adventure, I decided to visit some alien territory!

I’ve been a member of LinkedIn for several years now. For my corporate work, my LinkedIn profile acts as handy curriculum vitae. Other than that, I’m not really sure how it works or how to make it work for me and my business.

Last night I watched an introductory level video about how to get the most out of LinkedIn. Today I set about giving the advice a whirl.

It seems that LinkedIn groups is where all the action happens – and that if you want to make LinkedIn start working for you, then joining active groups and networking with other group members in those groups is a great place to start. The groups I join should reflect my ideal client base and/or offer networking opportunities helpful for me and my business.

Now, I did join some groups several years ago, but I never really participated in them. Okay, I didn’t actually participate in them at all 😛 . So, here’s the action I’ve taken today :

1. Reviewed my current group memberships.
2. Joined some new groups.
3. Interacted!

My decision to stay in a group or join a new group was helped along by me asking the following questions :

1. Is there interaction in this group? (If no, leave the group or don’t join)
2. If there is interaction in this group, am I interested in the conversation? (If no, leave the group or don’t join. If yes, stay in the group or join).
3. Can I add to the conversation? (If no, learn from the conversation. If yes, add to the conversation).

I was pleasantly surprised to find a poetry group and a writing group on LinkedIn (with very large memberships!) I have joined those groups and joined in the conversation too. As I joined in the conversation, I suddenly could see how I may be able to offer help to people in these groups. I also joined a positive psychology group and started being active in some coaching and learning & development groups.

So, I’ve thrown in a few pebbles. Now I’m going to see what happens. I’m not sure what will happen. I’m not sure how far the conversations will go. I’m curious to learn the rules of this new place and see if it’s somewhere I’d like to stay – or not! (I’ll keep you posted!) If the water’s warm, I may even set up my own groups (which, apparently, is the way to really get LinkedIn working for you.)

I am just going outside and may be some time.