Adventure 320 ~ Tie Up All The Loose Ends For The Collaborative Poetry Project

big renga round-upFor today’s adventure, I’ve spent a few hours tying up all the loose ends for The Big Renga project, so that we’re all good to go on the 1st December.

Today I updated the About The Poets page : there are 14 of us now. On this page. you’ll find an image and a description for each of the poets.

I also added a new page for The Big Renga Round-Up.  From the 1st – 25th December, people will be able to watch a live show which shares the daily news from the project. On this page, you’ll see that I created a new introduction trailer too : it’s much shorter than my first attempt!

The poets themselves have been invited to join me “on the sofa” for The Big Renga Round-Up and they’ve been given details about the video clips they need to submit with their verses too (at the end of the project, I’ll have 25 clips that I can edit into one short film!)

So, that’s us. We’re all set. During the last week of November, we’ll be doing a bit of practice behind the scenes, and on the 1st December, we go LIVE!

I am just going outside and may be some time.