Adventure 323 ~ Ask For A Young Reader To Review The Faerie Thorn

Today’s adventure feels exciting! The full manuscript of The Faerie Thorn is now with the publisher, and I’m awaiting a decision. The fact that the publisher liked my work is brilliant : up until this point, the only people who had read my story, or listened to it, were friends and family (my cheer-leaders 🙂 ).

The landscape suddenly changed when I read that the publisher liked the story. I somehow felt more like a “proper” writer.

The thing is, proper writers have proper critics and proper reviews. And so for today’s adventure, I am asking a young reader whom I have never met , who doesn’t know me at all, to review my story.

The reader is a 13 year-old girl. She’s an avid reader and up for the job of casting a critical eye over my work.  I requested a “no-holds-barred” review.

I sent the manuscript this morning.

I am holding my breath.

I am just going outside and may be some time.