Adventure 340 ~ The Big Renga Project [Day 6]

Because Kate invoked the Moon Rule yesterday, it really narrowed down the options for todays renju, Senga Cree. By mentioning the rule, it means that at least the next to verses must be about autumn.

This is what Senga came up with :

Tall branches sway, shedding flame :
earth’s crisp nourishing carpet

Senga keeps the continuity going by echoing the height of the peaks and the tides that Kate mentioned yesterday (she uses the word tall). She also echoes the heat of Kate’s verse by layering flames onto yesterday’s glow. The change in direction comes with a shift of our attention : we’re no longer looking up, we’re looking down on the crisp carpet.

What I like about Senga’s verse is the powerful and simple autumn image. The kigo word is “shedding” and all I can imagine when I read it is fiery autumn leaves!

Here’s today’s round-up :

I am just going outside and may be some time.