Adventure 342 ~ The Big Renga Project [8]

Yesterday’s saw the completion of the third compulsory verse in the autumn sequence. This meant that today’s renju, Kate Trafford, had lots of options! She could have continued with autumn or shifted direction into winter, summer, love, dwellings, mountains, shores or travel.

Kate stayed with the theme of autumn and came up with this 7-7 for today’s submission :

Acorn hoard, squirrelled away;
fear conceals buried treasure

Kate says : “Continuity is shown by taking up Caroline’s reference to secrets and referring to something being ‘squirrelled away’. Change of direction is created by moving from dark/fear-driven imagery to the bright/exciting image of buried treasure. Nature mirroring human nature is shown in second line. The squirrel is driven by fear/ scarcity to bury his treasure of a stockpile of food. For us humans, fear also conceals (masks) the inner treasure of insights/self awareness…”

In today’s Big Renga Round-Up I actually get to interview Kate about her stanza!

I am just going outside and may be some time.