Adventure 345 ~ The Big Renga Project [Day 11]

Yesterday saw the arrival of spring via the traditional kigo of “cherry blossom”. This meant that today’s renju, Stephanie Johnson had no option but to continue the theme of spring (the Flower Rule states a requirement to continue the theme of spring for at least 3 consecutive verses).

This is what Stephanie came up with for her 5-7-5 :

Buds yawn and stretch out,
anticipate, quivering :
cloying amber stain

Stephanie says  : “My spring kigo is “buds”. I build on the image of yesterday’s blossoming of the trees and flowers. There’s an allusion to oestrus and sexual awakening too. There’s a clear contrast within my verse too –   between anticipation and action. The image is of pollen being powerful and overwhelming –  and it is not entirely positive!”

Woah! That’s some 5-7-7, right? I wonder what tomorrow’s poet will come up with. We know it has to be about spring, but how are they going to handle the issues of continuity and directional change?

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