Adventure 353 ~ The Big Renga Project [Day 19]

As Caroline invoked the Love Rule yesterday, it means that today’s renju, Lisa Holden, has no choice but to create a second verse on the theme of love.

This is the 5-7-5 that Lisa came up with :

Polaroid found, hope ~
entwined passion rekindled :
hidden dangers lurk

Here’s what Lisa says about her verse : ” My love kigo is passion. The lovers of the previous verse were holding onto the freeze-frame memory and had to let go and move on from this precious moment. That verse made me think of a  love that was lost or ended – and that those lovers had to capture the moment in a frame or photo to treasure the memory forever.

To show continuity, I have found that frozen frame of a memory mentioned in the previous verse as a photo, a Polaroid photo! That moment lives in solid form…the memory is re-ignited,remembered and renewed, bringing hope to get it back and re-live that moment again.

Now love is back :  they are entwined. That frozen memory is being re-lived and rekindled.  “Entwined” suggests warmth and heat,  contrasting to the “freeze” in the previous verse.

But then you have to remember that this is renga, and the mood can shift at any moment. So I’ve put the happy love place under attack! Danger is lurking ~ will it threaten them? Will they have to let it go again, build a snowman or (for the first time in forever) will love win? It all depends on what danger is lurking…”

Hmmmm…. it’s getting interesting, isn’t it? And as for tomorrow, will it be a third and final verse on love … or something else?

You can watch The Big Renga Round-Up here :

I am just going outside and might be some time.