Adventure 357 ~ The Big Renga Project [Day 23]

Well, today marks the start of the third and final page of our renga poem! To comply with some of the key renga rules, the first two verses on this page will invoke the Moon Rule (autumn). It’s Senga Cree’s turn to create the next renga verse and this is the 5-7-5 she came up with :

Bonfire gathering
around ancient light, dusk moon :
fleeting precious life

This is what Senga says about her verse : ” My autumn kigo word is “moon”. I show continuity with the last verse by by reflecting the sun’s heat in the bonfire – I also mirror Janet’s “restored” with my “gathering” (coming together across centuries around bonfires). I also show a contrast : juxtaposing the togetherness of  gathering with the aloneness of death!”.

Ahh. A change of tone has definitely arrived. And we already know that the Moon Rule has a continuity clause, which means that tomorrow’s verse must also be on the them of autumn.

You can watch today’s episode of The Big Renga Round-Up here :

I am just going outside and may be some time.