Adventure 211 ~ The Big Distraction Project [Day 3]

Whilst I may have felt disconnected from the world yesterday, today I’m feeling re-connected (but not to the same world!)

If you want to find out more about The Big Distraction Project , you might want to check out this post .

I am just going outside and  may be some time.


Adventure 210 ~ The Big Distraction Project [Day 2]

Okay, I’m owning up : the radio silence is becoming a little uncomfortable. Yes, it’s completely true : I’ve been fabulously productive over the last 2 days, but I am starting to feel a little cut off from the world.

Today, I managed to craft a curriculum vitae to submit with my manuscript to the next agent on my list. The process made me smile (I haven’t written one of these since 1997) and I’ve produced a single-page document that is a complete reflection of who I am : I squeezed my whole life onto an A4 sheet of paper!  I wanted to share the experience… not necessarily with the whole world but definitely with some of my friends with whom I’d normally have daily contact via a Facebook group.

I emailed them, but it’s not the same. There is something alive and connecting about social media; not all of it but certainly some of  it.

So, it seems that behind my “distraction” lies a sense of disconnection. I might need a bit of time to process this : I work largely on my own with a transitory client-base. So I ask myself, is social media a distraction for me or does it, in fact, perform an important function for me? Does it provide me with colleagues and a lively working environment?

I am just going outside and may be some time.


Adventure 208 ~ The Big Distraction Project

The questions that came up for me yesterday (as a result of reading Steven Pressfield’s “Turning Pro”) have given me an idea for a 7-day adventure! For 7 days, I’ve decided to remove as many distractions in my life as I can. For 7 days I will not be active on social media. For 7 days I will not drink wine. For 7 days I will avoid “hiding” in work and start taking healthy, nourishing breaks.

If I remove these distractions, I wonder what I will discover? As usual. I’ll be keeping a daily video diary (I reckon this adventure could get really interesting. In fact, I reckon this adventure might even be a significant turning point for me!)

I am just going outside and may be some time!


Adventure 207 ~ Turning Pro With Steven Pressfield

For today’s adventure, I read Steven Pressfield’s “Turning Pro” . It’s a rapid read (it took only 2 hours, cover to cover) and continues the conversation he starts in his first book, “The War Of Art”. His first book provides a thorough examination of the concept of resistance and introduces the idea of “the pro”. The pro is someone who nurtures a consistent set of habits geared towards overcoming this resistance with a view to not only acknowledging their true gift (whether that be writing, or painting, or parenting, or dancing, or cooking, or care-giving..) but  also delivering that gift to the world.

Steven devotes a considerable amount of time (in “Turning Pro”) to the notion of distraction (also a form of resistance). He suggests that many of us (amateurs) distract ourselves from our true purpose (our true gift, our potential work of art, our new business) by living shadow lives (lives that look meaningful and fulfilling but they’re not really in line with our true gift and/or who we really are … and so they don’t feel like they’re the “real deal”) and by engaging in certain behaviours (like addictions) which allow us to hide from ourselves.

The pro faces up to the fullness of who they really are, acknowledges their gift and then brings their gift into the world.

As I read the book, it brought up some big questions for me :

1. To what degree do I distract myself (and how do I distract myself) ?

2. What would I discover if I didn’t distract myself?

3. Am I living in alignment with my true purpose? (Should I have a purpose at all? If I do have one, what is it?)

I share more about my response to Steven’s writing in today’s video. He’s certainly got me thinking!


I am just going outside and may be some time 🙂 .