Adventure 210 ~ The Big Distraction Project [Day 2]

Okay, I’m owning up : the radio silence is becoming a little uncomfortable. Yes, it’s completely true : I’ve been fabulously productive over the last 2 days, but I am starting to feel a little cut off from the world.

Today, I managed to craft a curriculum vitae to submit with my manuscript to the next agent on my list. The process made me smile (I haven’t written one of these since 1997) and I’ve produced a single-page document that is a complete reflection of who I am : I squeezed my whole life onto an A4 sheet of paper!  I wanted to share the experience… not necessarily with the whole world but definitely with some of my friends with whom I’d normally have daily contact via a Facebook group.

I emailed them, but it’s not the same. There is something alive and connecting about social media; not all of it but certainly some of  it.

So, it seems that behind my “distraction” lies a sense of disconnection. I might need a bit of time to process this : I work largely on my own with a transitory client-base. So I ask myself, is social media a distraction for me or does it, in fact, perform an important function for me? Does it provide me with colleagues and a lively working environment?

I am just going outside and may be some time.


2 thoughts on “Adventure 210 ~ The Big Distraction Project [Day 2]

  1. Jane, I took on board what you said about ‘distraction’ and thought about giving up social media, alcohol etc for a week like you. Then I thought about it and decided that my ‘distractions’ are ways of putting things in context, by connecting with people and/or chewing the cud on my own. In days gone by people like me, and probably you, would have stood/sat outdoors passing the time with passers by, keeping up with their lives and sharing what’s happening in ours, then contemplating ‘the meaning of everything’. Now, the best way to do this is by social media, drugs of choice ( including meditation, alcohol, music, reading – all mind altering things)
    If there is something you need to do but are putting off by engaging in other pastimes, that is ‘distraction’
    but if you have an interest in all and every thing, there is no such thing as distraction. Just a new direction.
    Try reading ‘What Do I Do When I Want to Do Everything?: A Revolutionary Programme for Doing Everything That You Love [Barbara Sher]

    • So lovely to hear from you, Lynne ~ and thanks for your thoughtful comments too! One of the main aims of this series of adventures (for me) is to learn about if/how I’m distracting myself and to discover what happens when I stop distracting myself (if that’s what I’m doing!). I’m keen to see if my experiences match up to Steven Pressfield’s forecast (that it may reveal more of my “gift” and create a clear channel for its “birthing” :)). I definitely think that down time is healthy (and I really agree with the benefits of contextualisation and gaining perspective) AND this adventure is starting to show me some very interesting things! (Just about to make today’s video blog!) I’ll check out your book recommendation too (thanks 🙂 )!

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