Adventure 168 ~ Sing All The Harmonies Of My Song Together [9]

tolkienToday I attempted to record myself singing the three harmony lines and then I tried to blend the recordings together. I have to admit that it was a bit of a faff (and there are probably very clever and sensible ways to do this which might have made the task a little easier!).

So, I sang the main melody into my phone and then uploaded it onto my laptop. Then I played the melody on my laptop and sang in the bass line whilst recording this with my phone … and then uploaded that … and repeated the operation until all three lines had been recorded together.

I had a bit of difficulty balancing the volumes for each of the lines (and  D minor performance had to be lowered to C minor – mainly because singing the top line in D minor made me sound exactly like the mice on Bagpuss .)

You can listen to the vocal version of my choral piece on SoundCloud here. It’s been really helpful for me to test its ‘singability’ and for detecting “harmony issues”! Now I’ve heard it sung, it definitely needs a huge cave or a cathedral for optimal performance – and maybe an Elvish mass choir 😛

I am just going outside and may be some time.


Adventures 160-161 ~ Compose A Song For A Choir To Sing

HandelGosh – things are really hotting up at Adventure HQ! My new series of adventures is well under way all thanks to my adventure radar’s new upgrade  🙂 .

I’ve decided to write a choral piece with a view to it being performed by a choir. This appeals to me for all sorts of reasons :


  • I’ve never done this before!
  • It feels good to be creating something FOR other people.
  • It feels good to be creating (full stop!).
  • I feels like an act of connection.
  • I’m not quite sure where the music will come from 🙂 .

There are two videos today (for yesterday’s and today’s adventure) and a SoundCloud link too (see how adventurous I’ve become – I’m even hanging out with rockstars now 😛 ). What’s on SoundCloud is the start of a basic melody/leitmotif. At the moment, what’s in my head sounds ‘a capella’  and like it’s in a huge cave or cathedral!

Day 1 Of My Composing Adventure In this adventure, I get the insight that the calls to adventure are making themselves loud and clear. Day 1 is all about getting ready to create.

Day 2 Of My Composing Adventure Today I create some of the basic melody and play it on an out-of-tune piano. I’ve uploaded what I’ve done so far to SoundCloud and you can listen in here .

I am just going outside and may be some time.