Adventures 160-161 ~ Compose A Song For A Choir To Sing

HandelGosh – things are really hotting up at Adventure HQ! My new series of adventures is well under way all thanks to my adventure radar’s new upgrade  🙂 .

I’ve decided to write a choral piece with a view to it being performed by a choir. This appeals to me for all sorts of reasons :


  • I’ve never done this before!
  • It feels good to be creating something FOR other people.
  • It feels good to be creating (full stop!).
  • I feels like an act of connection.
  • I’m not quite sure where the music will come from 🙂 .

There are two videos today (for yesterday’s and today’s adventure) and a SoundCloud link too (see how adventurous I’ve become – I’m even hanging out with rockstars now 😛 ). What’s on SoundCloud is the start of a basic melody/leitmotif. At the moment, what’s in my head sounds ‘a capella’  and like it’s in a huge cave or cathedral!

Day 1 Of My Composing Adventure In this adventure, I get the insight that the calls to adventure are making themselves loud and clear. Day 1 is all about getting ready to create.

Day 2 Of My Composing Adventure Today I create some of the basic melody and play it on an out-of-tune piano. I’ve uploaded what I’ve done so far to SoundCloud and you can listen in here .

I am just going outside and may be some time.