Adventure 45 ~ Gratitude Journal Day 7

Here I am at the end of my first 7-day gratitude adventure and I’m noticing some really significant changes. Just to be “scientific” about it, I re-took the self-test I did on day 1 of my gratitude journal. Even after only 7 days, I’ve gone up 10% points :).  Now I’m more grateful than 85% of the adult, American population!

In today’s video, I record the final part of my journal and share what I’m noticing about my relationship with gratitude.

I am just going outside and may be some time.


4 thoughts on “Adventure 45 ~ Gratitude Journal Day 7

  1. That’s awesome Jane! I’m happy to see gratitude is working out for you 🙂

    I’ve also found that with some intentionality, rapid progress can sometimes be achieved.

  2. After not going to CrossFit for several months I returned today but with some apprehension. I wondered if I could keep up with the groups, how tired I would get, etc. I need not have worried since it didn’t go that badly at all. On leaving, the snow capped mountains were pink tonight as the sun was setting. The delicious backdrop of strawberry swirl clouds rested in rounded spoonfuls on the nearby Rocky Mountains. My day was complete. And I felt gratitude.

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