Adventures 83 – 84 ~ Memory Feat [Days 8 and 9]

Yesterday I managed to recall the first 103 elements of the periodic table . You can watch me in action here 🙂 . Today is the big day, I’m going for the full 118!

Throughout my memory place adventures, I’ve been having strange dreams. Some of them involved me watching the elements being projected onto a kind of mind screen. The most interesting of them involved me wandering through a complex labyrinth and making my way into a central cave. This cave was like a central “dream projection booth”. The cave had many portal-like windows and through the windows I could see a multitude of dreams going on simultaneously. I could step into each dream and observe it as a lucid dreamer before selecting the dream that I’d like to slide into.

This dream left me with a real sense of “mind space” and possibility. It left me with a tangible sense of the vastness of my own mind. Over the week, I’ve grown to marvel at the capability of the human mind and I’ve had a sense of discovering a doorway to an infinite space. The memory palace experience has really changed my mind about my own mind – the idea of “cramming” memories in just doesn’t seem to fit anymore 😛 . There seems to be a vast amount of space to record everything we need ~ and in the actual experience of recalling, that place of memory seems to exist way beyond my own head.

So, here’s me giving it a whirl. I’ve spent around 3 minutes a day for the last 9 days building this palace. In other words, this memory feat has taken under 30 minutes! If you’d like to try this technique for yourself, you can learn more about it here . For me this hasn’t just been about memory, it’s been about presence. The more immersed I am in learning, the easier it is to remember. The more immersed I am, the more alive I feel … the more alive the whole world looks – even the periodic table 🙂 .

I am just going outside and may be some time 🙂 .