Adventure 82 ~ Memory Feat [Day 7]

Today I add a further 15 elements, bringing me up to 90 elements of the periodic table from memory! As I get more skilful at using the memory palace technique, I am now noticing some of the finer distinctions :

1. I am using peripheral vision automatically. You’ll notice that my eyes are defocused : as soon as I bring my eyes back into foveal vision, I lose my connection with the memory palace. If you’re wondering about the significance of peripheral vision, it’s this : this is a natural “flow state”, opening the flow between the conscious and unconscious mind. This state is also referred to as the “alpha state”.

2. I have split awareness : I am “organising” the tour of the palace and taking part in the tour at the same time.

You’ll notice that, at one point, I lose my connection with the memory palace as my focus shifts back to the “here and now”. In my mind’s eye, I am stepping out into my garden : at this point, I become consciously aware that I am actually in my garden. I have to dissociate from my actual garden and associate with my memory palace garden in order to continue. Can you see where this shift happens in today’s video?

I am just going outside and may be some time 🙂 .