Adventure 119 ~ The First Chapter Of My Romantic Novel [Day 3]

So. I did it! I’ve written my first chapter today and learned quite a bit in the process. And that learning is mostly about me : I found myself creating a ball-busting all-action heroine. Nothing feminine about her. Nothing soft about her. All too keen to take control and show the men around her how weak they are.

Oops. That is definitely not the stuff that Mills & Boon heroines are made of. I’ve taken on the challenge of adhering to the genre “rules” , so a small (okay quite large ) rewrite was required! The heroine is now much softer, more feminine, full of vulnerability, welcoming of protection. I can safely say that not only does she feel very “Mills & Boon” but she is also teaching me a thing or two about being a woman. I am watching and learning 🙂 .

With chapter 1 concluding with the tragic and untimely death of a gorgeous hunk of a man’s man (and with the added bonus of a vulnerable soon-to-be-guilt-ridden heroine in definite need of rescue) , I can feel the next chapter in my fingers already.

Here’s today’s video. I made 3 short videos over the course of my writing day and ventured into the world of merging 🙂

I am just going outside and may be some time.