Adventure 120 ~ The Further Adventures Of A Romance Writer [Day 4]

infographic adventureWow – it’s the last day of April already and that means guest adventures and a monthly adventure summary! But first to the action of the day.

Today’s adventure into the world of romantic fiction reminds me of the universal appeal of men in uniform (I just want you to know that it was my lead female character that demanded the uniforms and not me.)

With a much shorter writing window available to me, and in danger of feeling the pressure, I have carried my lessons that my previous adventures have brought me into today’s experience ~ placing my awareness on presence, connection and the opportunity for personal discovery kept me well and truly in the flow today 🙂 .

Looking back on this month of adventuring, I am amazed at what happens when you are prepared to pay attention to the “call to adventure”. I’ve received advice from Richard Branson, JK Rowling and Tony Robbins (my Invisible Counsellors) ; I’ve learned how to make video trailers ; I’ve hosted my own TV show and now I’m writing a book! These are all things that I had not even imagined last month. A real pattern is emerging and I’m beginning to piece together a way of sharing my adventuring experience and my adventuring philosophy with a wider range of people. This is far too good to keep to myself 🙂 .

Now let me introduce you to todays’ guest adventurer : Ian Barnfield who is a fan of the Paleo way of eating. In Ian’s video, you can watch thei thoroughly modern cave man try his hand at foraging for wild food . It’s really worth a watch.

I am just going outside and may be some time.


2 thoughts on “Adventure 120 ~ The Further Adventures Of A Romance Writer [Day 4]

  1. Just been doing a bit of post-adventure research. I think the thing that (I now know) definitely wasn’t fennel might have been Alexanders, or Horse Parsley, an entirely edible plant introduced to the UK by the Romans. Flowers, leaves, stem, root, all edible, just best cooked – think I might revisit it…

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