Adventure 122 ~ Jane’s Brilliant Friends [Episode 7]

In this rescheduled episode of “Jane’s Brilliant Friends”, I’m talking to Tiffany Kay : author and transformational coach . In this programme, Tiff talsks about her soon-to-be-published book  “From Pursuit to Presence” . Her book’s key message  is that most of us are living under a misguided cloud of unworthiness that dominates much of our thinking and behaviour outside of our conscious awareness. That’s what causes us to pursue life : our pursuit is an attempt to close the illusionary gap. Tiffany suggests that when we reconnect to the inherent worth we were born with, all the struggle and suffering disappears. We can let life come to us; a life which is joyful and contented.

In our conversation, Tiffany shares her own journey from pursuit to presence and offers some simple yet effective ways to become more present to who we really are and to life. The free video series she mentions can be found here.

I am just going outside and may be some time.