Adventures 140 – 143 ~ Diary Of A Romantic Novelist [Days 22-25]

write for you 2 jpeg

Gosh. It’s been a BIG four days :

  • I’ve completed Chapter Three and passed the 8000 word mark ;
  • I’ve crafted the first draft of the synopsis ;
  • I’ve issued both the manuscript and synopsis for review by my editorial team.

And that’s all sounding good, right? Only, I’m beginning to feel a little bit uncomfortable. Further investigation reveals that I may have to depart from my own writing style (in quite a big way) and I’m not sure how I feel about that. The best word to express where I’m at right now is “crossroads”.

Today’s video is an amalgamation of the last 4 video diary entries.  After making today’s video, I heard myself muttering some sage words of advice to myself. When I wrote them down, I realised that there is a part of me that has quite a strong opinion about which way to turn 🙂 . “Sometimes you just have to do what’s write for you.”

I’m going to let things settle and I’m looking forward to speaking with my second author of the day tonight. I am open to the possibility of letting Mills & Boon go. I think 😛 .

I am just going outside and may be some time.