Adventure 144 ~ Diary Of A Romantic Novelist [Day 26]

Today I have two adventures to tell you about! Last night I had a really helpful chat with writing coach, and published author, Katherine Bolton. She helped me to make a final decision about whether the Mills & Boon route was right for me, and she gave me some top tips about how to find the right publisher. You can find links to the book and website I mention in todays video here [ Writers’ And Artist’s Yearbook]  and here [Romantic Novelists’ Association.]

Today, I took some of Katherine’s advice . I also talked to a complete stranger about my book and their response was rather promising 🙂 .

I am just going outside and may be some time.


2 thoughts on “Adventure 144 ~ Diary Of A Romantic Novelist [Day 26]

  1. What I enjoy about this is how the ingredients for this adventure are coming from diverse places, ideas from within and then the gathering of information from others. Like the world responds to our internal dialogue. x

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