Adventure 163 ~ Compose A Song For A Choir To Sing [Day 4]

ellaFor today’s adventure, I’ve written the lyrics for the first verse of my choral piece. You’ll notice from the SoundCloud recording of me singing that the melody has been slightly simplified. I simplified the melody to improve its SI* (* Singability Index) 🙂 .

I’ve posted the lyrics (as they stand) below today’s video.


Verse 1 Of The- Song- Without- A- Title- Yet! (You can listen to me singing it here ).

Where the sun sails high

And the winds they blow dry

So the buds and the blooms start to sing.


Where the mountains rise

And the seas sing lullabies

To the birds that bear dreams on their wings.


I’ll meet you there

With my hands in the air

A dance in my heart

And my soul without care!


Where the trees grow tall

And the leaves, they never fall

Where the dawn of the dusk is rising.

[ Jane Talbot © 2014]


I am just going outside and may be some time.