Adventure 164 ~ Compose A Song For A Choir To Sing [Day 5]

spinal tapToday I wrote the second verse of my song (I’ve put the lyrics below today’s video) and came up with a name for the piece : The Call. I sense things are heading in quite a melancholic direction 😛 .

The Big adventure of the day has been speaking to Gareth Hamill, a professional viola player whom I have never met before today!

Find out what happened here ~

The Call ~ Verse Two

Where Hope rides the breeze

And icy waters, they never freeze

Where the fish swim the strawberry forest.


Where the bluebells ring

For the Lavender King

Where the old are young and fearless.


I’ll meet you there

With my hands in the air

A dance in my heart

And my soul without care!


Where hanging stars in minor key

Sing the song of you and me

Where the moon whispers all of her secrets.

[ Jane Talbot © 2014 ]


I am just going outside and may be some time 🙂 .