Adventures 174 – 176 ~ Wild Webinar 2!

bransonblogThe last 3 adventures have been all about getting ready for, and hosting, my second webinar! I’ve had to get my Tech Head on and I’ve really enjoyed playing around with the controls in the Hangouts On Air Control Room (webinar 2 involves multiple guests and it seems like a bit of a high-risk activity… lots of things can go “horribly wrong” … apparently 😛 ).

I’ve also managed to teach myself how to put together an email campaign on MailChimp … just by playing!

6 months ago I would have been having a complete melt-down trying to learn all this stuff (and I would be wanting to be perfect at it ~ immediately). My adventuring seems to have made me much more relaxed, more experimental and MUCH more playful. When you’re relaxed and playful, everything seems so much easier (and A LOT more fun 😛 ).

So, here are 3 videos for you ~

Adventure 174 ~ Play In The Hangouts On Air Control Room

Adventure 175 ~ Create My First MailChimp Email Campaign

Adventure 176 ~ Host My First Webinar With 3 Guests!

I am just going outside and may be some time.