Adventure 187 ~ See A Faerie

The fairy thorn tree on our farmOkay. So you think I’ve lost the plot, right? Well, it just so happens that I’ve discovered something called a fairy thorn on our farm (it’s the one in this picture). In this part of the world such trees (lone hawthorns) are revered and feared! You can read more about the tree lore of the hawthorn here.

Some people say that faeries live in the roots of these trees and that the tree is a gateway to the Otherworld.

I watched a documentary about faeries in which lots of information was given about where they live and how to “see” them and so I decided to go to the tree on our farm and take a look for myself!

Apparently, optimum faerie- spying time is at twilight. This meant that I visited the tree both in the late evening and the early morning.

To facilitate this faerie vigil, I camped with my dog in the back of my van. After the evening twilight visit, I laid out everything I would need for the morning twilight visit : my hat, my head-torch and my wellies. When the alarm went off at 4am, sparx blogeverything was in its place except for my hat (it’s my favourite, by the way). Even though I have emptied the van, I still cannot find it…… 😛 .

This adventure has been brilliant ~ I’ve learned so much about local folk lore and it’s helped me feel more connected to the place in which I live. My surroundings seem more colourful to me now 🙂 .


I am just going outside and may be some time.