Adventure 188 ~ Learn More About Connecting To The World Around Me [And Within Me]

leslieWell, I have to say that my faerie and tree adventures have worn me out .. and piqued my curiosity!

For today’s adventure, I get to talk to two experts who offer insights and tips for taking my adventures further.

First of all I talked to Leslie Marsh. Leslie is a shamanic bard and practitioner who is steeped in folkloric traditions and is used to connecting with the fae.

jackie StewartThen I spoke with Jackie Stewart, a Soul Alchemist who helps people to connect with nature.

I have posted both live-streamed interviews below. Jackie mentions a book in our chat, ‘ The Secret Teachings of Plants’ by Stephen Harrod Buhner. You can find this book here .


More About Faeries ~ Leslie tells us about what faeries are, how to connect with faerie energy and explains how we might benefit from opening up to this energy.

More About Connecting With Nature ~ Jackie explains some of the key benefits of being connected to nature, she offers tips about how to make the connection and describes how we can learn to feel the “pull” of certain plants and trees.

I am just going outside and may be some time.