Adventure 267 ~ Jane Versus The Tech [The Rematch]

Wordpress Warrior Sad though it may seem, I can barely contain my excitement about today’s adventure!

As you may know, I’m hosting a storytelling webinar tomorrow evening. I’ve created a series of slides to support the presentation, and I thought it would be lovely if those who came along could download a copy of the slides. But I didn’t know how to create a downloadable PDF file …. UNTIL TODAY!

So for today’s adventure, I used the WordPress help files to learn how to create a download link. And I’ve done it!

I’m absolutely certain that my technological adventures have helped me to overcome my fear of “The Tech”. Now when I’m learning about techy stuff (and trying it out), it really feels like I’m just playing. With the absence of fear, I feel ready to try out new stuff. For me, this is definitely a very good thing indeed 🙂 .

I am just going outside and may be some time.