Adventure 270 ~ Collect And Plant Acorns, Beech Seeds And Conkers

Wow! What a fabulous adventure I’ve had today 🙂 . I managed to collect some beech nuts, acorns and conkers; I used the sink-float viability test* for my beech seeds (with surprising results!); and I learned how to plant these seeds too.

I used Tree Planting And Aftercare as my reference source : it taught me how to plant directly into pots. I used a traditional deep sowing technique for the acorns (to protect them from mice and birds) and regular sowing techniques for beech seeds and horse chestnut fruit. I forgot to mention in my video that the protective top layer of compost and “hidden” gauze marker get removed in Spring for the acorns.

The germination rate for beech is about 60%. It’s about 80% for oak and chestnut. With my seeds offered optimal conditions, I’m hoping for an exciting Spring!

*After I planted the seeds, I also learned that this viability test can be used with acorns and conkers.

I am just going outside and may be some time.