Adventure 269 ~ Murder A Merge Tag And Use Its Body For Parts

Merge Tag YouTube illlusionAfter mastering the art of the merge tag yesterday (which allowed me to create the illusion of an embedded video in my newsletter), I was on a bit of a high! However, things soon changed when I actually started to write my newsletter and discovered the limitations of the merge tag (I couldn’t format the newsletter in a way that looked neat and tidy).

In the past, this would definitely been the point at which I would have bailed out, exclaiming things like “I knew it was too good to be true” and “Is it too early for wine?” 😛 It was very different today though. With my new “This feels like play” vibe going on, I just played my way right out of the “problem”.

I worked out that I could copy the image generated by the merge tag (which looks like a real live YouTube screen – it’s the image I’m using for this blog post), re-size it and then insert with a link instead. Now everything looks neat and tidy AND the illusion is maintained (it still looks like an embedded video).

The conclusion I’m coming to is this : my creative adventures are bearing fruits in the most unexpected fields. It seems like it’s a lot easier for me to generate options, alternatives and new ideas. If one idea doesn’t work, I just generate a new one. How cool is that? (Even cooler, I’m beginning to trust in an inexhaustible supply of alternative options!)

Oh – and if you want to see the product of my endeavours (I’m rather proud of my wee video illusion, as you can probably tell), you can check out my newsletter here (just scroll down to the bottom to check out the tech 😛 ).

I am just going outside and may be some time.